How My Mom Spent Her 10th Wedding Anniversary

Someone holding up a casset tape, with the sky as a background.
These are two of my parents (I have three)

They got married on the beach when I was 9. And it was beautiful.

Collage of parents - signing their wedding papers and posing in front of a piano with a matching tie and scarf.
The photograph on the top left is from their wedding day, 2009.
Bottom left: mom and I walking down the beach.
Right: 9 years after their wedding day. Anyone spot evidence of my little brothers? Hello, rocket light.

It was their 10th wedding anniversary on 28th March 2019 – and instead of spending the evening together, my mom came with me to an Ed Sheeran concert. (Thanks for spending your anniversary with 50,000 people that aren’t your husband, mom!)

Ed  Sheeran crouched in front of massive Cape Town crowd.
Photo by Zakary Walters.

We arrived way too many hours early, ate an abundance of Mc Donalds fries (because food = important) and passed the time until the gates opened by watching other people get excited.
I’ve never been much of a concert goer. The whole situation (all the people, the almost-deafening noise, more people – okay, just all the people) kind of freaks me out.

But this was great.

Greenpoint stadium with pink clouds and forming crowd.
We climbed lots of stairs to find our seats, stocked up on popcorn and chocolate (snacks = also important) and became unofficial-professional photographers for several people throughout the evening (mom, incredibly dedicated, was crouched and crawling and standing on her tippy-toes to get the very best angles).  

I drank a lot of water (because hydration is even more important than chocolate and popcorn and everything else I consumed) and took many, many trips to the bathroom (which, let’s be real, is never a fun part of attending a concert).

Describing the feeling that burst from my chest and morphed into a giant grin across my face when Ed Sheeran appeared to the side of the stage isn’t very easy. Nor is finding the right words to explain the oh-my-goodness-this-is-incredible-!-! feeling I had throughout the show.

Ed Sheeran in front of massive crowd in Cape Town, South Africa.
Photo by: Zakary Walters.

But I definitely felt something. And it was magnificent.

I’m so glad I went; so thankful my mom came with me, and so proud that I stayed up past my self-inflicted bedtime for this.

What was the last concert you went to? I’d really love to know!

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  1. Just re-read this, I love your blog 🙂 and have realised that I get to spend every day celebrating with the special people in my life, and that a birthday / anniversary / holiday is not the only reason to celebrate. we have to celebrate and enjoy each other every moment we can. So going to a concert – an opportunity that may not come around again soon, is worth making that small sacrifice. Believe you me it is a small sacrifice because we just create another reason to celebrate.

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