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Cats (a review you didn’t know you needed)

If you’ve arrived at this post by asking yourself, “should I get a cat?” You can stop right here, because the answer is and always will be very simple: yes, you most definitely should.

Growing up, my family always had pets. Cats, dogs and ill-fated fish I generally named Gerald or Steve. But no matter their size or stature, these animals were considered important members of the family. We proudly brandished our fur covered clothing to the world, while showing anyone who was willing to look the abundant photographs we kept on our phones. 

But despite being raised as an all-round animal lover, I’ve always had a deep-rooted adoration for cats.

At present, I co-inhabit with three – which I guess puts me close to crossing the line between ‘cat person’ and ‘cat lady’. (Not that I’m complaining.)

Storm on the Horizon, swirl dividerCats are great. And here’s why:

They sleep for most of their lives (which maybe doesn’t sound great – but it is because most often, they sleep on or around you which is a) adorable and, b) warm). Cats are also incredibly straightforward: they purr when pleased, attack when not, and seek out attention whenever they see fit.

They don’t require outdoor exercise, keep themselves presentable most of the time and manage to make it look like it’s a coincidence that they’re in the same room as you 87% of the time.

This magnus opium of the domestic world is also great at bringing in half-dead critters from the great outdoors and presenting them to you as gifts you inevitably have to scoop up and toss out.

Whether they’re fiercely chasing lasers or terrified of their own shadows, cats are excellent entertainment. They look adorable without any effort and manage to make falling while attempting to clamber onto counters look somewhat graceful.

They’re cuddly, soft and endear you to other cat people. Plus, they make for great screen savers.

Rating: 11 out of 10 paws.

Do you like love cats? (because if you do, we’re well on our way to being best friends.)


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