Last week I set out to write a thank-you note a day.

I knew it wasn’t an ambitious undertaking by any means, and that it’d be easy to achieve – but that’s wasn’t the point. The point is: I wanted to appreciate more. And I figured a good way to do that was to write thank-you notes.

It didn’t really matter what I was thankful for on the day – little things like clean bed sheets and chocolate filled croissants or, bigger things like the dinner on my plate and the clothes on my back. It only mattered that I took some time to identify them.

By the middle of the week, I was writing thank you notes to practically everything. My idea of one note a day had vanished and, instead, I found myself scribbling notes to inanimate objects and strangers on the street and anything else that even mildly impressed me or improved my day.

Overall, it was a great exercise (and one I’d definitely recommend). I think it’s important to take stock of the facets of our lives we’re grateful for because sometimes, with all the hustle-bustle of everyday life, it’s easy to forget.

handwritten words with marker pen: the words read, 'thank you.'

Here are the highlights from my seven days of Thank You Notes: 

Thank you, ballet class
For simultaneously making me ache but feel strong.
You’re well worth the swollen toes and sore stomach.


Dear fog,
In the early mornings on my way to work, when you blanket the city I call home and prevent me from seeing more than a hundred meters in front of me, I’m reminded to keep myself in the present – and not get lost in thinking of the future. Thank you for that. (And thank you for making everything feel magical, it’s great.) 


Thank you, little brothers
For never rejecting my requests for impromptu dancing sessions in the middle of the living room.
You’re both wonderful (most of the time).


Dear fried rice,
Thanks for existing.
That’s all.


Thank you watch,
For not shattering into a million pieces when I dropped you yesterday morning.
I appreciate that.


Dear favourite pen,
Thanks for
turning up when I was starting to believe I’d lost you.


Thank you Decca,
You’ve always been a great cat, but I appreciate that you brought me that dead spider last night. (Even though I don’t condone you killing spiders, I thought the gift was kind of sweet.) (I don’t think the spider appreciated it though.) 

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What are you thankful for this week? I’d love to know.  


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  3. Thank you for the reminder that gratitude is the best attitude. I used to write a list of 5 things I’m grateful for, that often included things like a good night’s sleep, food, cats and family.

    1. Ah, man – a good night’s sleep can totally change the kind of person I am! So, I’m definitely on that gratitude train too.

      I’ve always kept lists of three things I’m grateful for, but I think I’m going to try five for awhile.
      The more the merrier, right?

  4. I love this idea and think that even the simple thanks of everything may become too excessive.

    Yet it does make you realise how lucky we are to have a working watch, a cat that we can love and afford to feed. And all the other incidentals that we take for granted. Many people when expressing gratitude only do so for the big things. This made me realise that appreciating, and actively being thankful is quite important. Thank you

    1. No, thank you.
      There are definitely things you’ve included that need more of my attention – like continually – actively – being thankful.

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