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I Wrote A Book When I Was 7 (it was awful)

When I was seven, I wrote Standing in the Night: a four-page catastrophe, riddled with spelling errors and based (heavily) on a TV show my parents were watching at the time.

Unsurprisingly: it’s not good. But despite its many (many) flaws, it will always be my own personal masterpiece. This story marks the beginning of my deep-rooted love for writing and has the sort of charm that can only really be created by a seven-year-old with high ambitions, and a stomach filled with cupcake icing.

Since then, writing has played a key role in my life. While my friends played make-believe at school, I was hunkered down with pencils and paper – writing myself worlds to live in and drafting dreadful poetry. They’d go home to play with dolls, while I read books, and would spend their time dreaming about being veterinarians, doctors and superstars whereas I had my eyes set on one thing: writing.

For a while, just writing fiction was enough.

And then, suddenly, it wasn’t.

I wanted needed more.Growing up, I had a diary. The kind I’d hide under my bed as though it was Top-Secret-Stuff and fill with blasé entries that encapsulated what I deemed important at the time: my love for cats and dislike for sunburns, mainly – but none of it was all that important to me then. I’d write religiously for several days and then give it up (or forget about it) until something monumental came along that I felt I just had to take down.

But since 2017 I’ve been writing in my journal every day.

And now, I’ve decided to start this blog. Because although I’ve always enjoyed writing books (and will continue to do so), they’re fiction. In comparison, my journal has always been a definite ‘for-my-eyes-only’  type of thing.

This blog, will be neither.
I’ve got the beginnings of a plan (a really, really, really rough plan) and no idea what this’ll evolve into, but I think there’s something great about not knowing.

And as the kind of person who usually likes planning, plotting and knowing what’s going on, diving head first into this is both exciting and entirely nerve-wracking…


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