A Magical Night at The Artscape Theatre

Ballet performer doing an attitude.

Some of the greatest childhood memories I have are at the theatre – attending pantomimes, ballets, and musicals. Because before I could walk, my grandmother started a tradition. A tradition that saw my gaggle of cousins and some friends that feel like family dressing up, dining out, and diving into theatre and the arts.

Last Saturday, I was invited to the opening of Amaranth. Watching the ballerinas on stage filled me with the same child-like wonder I felt as a little girl, when I was out with my family. Here are a few pictures, if you’d like to see, and an answer to the golden question: “What is Amaranth?”

Two images: Storm sitting on stairs on the left and on the right, an image of the shows ticket.

My mom and I braved the wintery cold of Cape Town (bundled in many, many layers), and soon found ourselves surrounded by the warm smiles of friends at the Artscape Theatre (thank you BPG for the tickets!).

A group of friends, smiling.
There’s an air of unmistakable excitement and anticipation that builds and builds and builds right before a show starts – have you noticed? (I revel in it!)

We were standing around chatting the one moment, riding the wave of humanity towards our seats the next, and then I was seated firmly on the edge – counting down the seconds until the lights dimmed, the chatter faded and the Cape Philharmonic Orchestra began.

A large group of ballet dancers, posing for an image on stage. Serenade dancers, photo via Genevieve Magua

It was everything I imagined it’d be, and more.

Amaranth is a triple bill of performances – all diverse, all beautiful – and perfect if you happen to be a die-hard fan of ballet or if you’d like to dip your toe into the world of pointe shoes.

The Cape Town City Ballet describes the program as a combination of “neo-classical and contemporary masterpieces” with George Balanchine’s movement-focused Serenade, Frank Staff‘s beautifully narrative Transfigured Night and Christopher L Huggins’ athletic and militant, Enemy Behind the Gates.

In true Storm fashion, the high heels were off before we made it back to the car and I spent the entire drive home playing and replaying the performances in my head thinking wow, wow, wow.

Days later, after the evening had rooted itself as a great memory, I still find myself thinking back to this quote by Christopher Huggins (one of the choreographers). He told the 60 dancers in his piece this, during rehearsals, but it’s really stuck with me as a piece of advice that transcends the stage:

“Give it your all, now, because you’ll never recapture these days. And I promise you, you’ll miss them when they’re gone.
Do your best. Be your best. Be your absolute best.”

Christopher Huggins

Do you enjoy going to the theatre? I’d love to know.

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