What Do You Want? Be Intentional.

Sometimes, I get caught up in day-to-day to-dos. I find myself merely wading through (ticking things off because they ‘have to get done’) instead of acting with purpose (and doing things because they’ll get me to where I want to go).

Every year, when June and July roll around, I like to take stock of things: what have I accomplished? What would I still like to? How can I tick off the things I’ve been procrastinating ‘too busy’ to do? What would I like to spend more time on?

Sitting down and mapping out my intentions for the rest of the year helps me refocus my goals and realign my attention. (They don’t have to be big and serious. In fact, the goals I enjoyed achieving most during the first half of the year are seemingly ‘silly’, like: eating more apple pie (check!), cleaning out my sock drawer (done!) and spending less time on social media (A for effort!)

Here are a few things I’m hoping to do more, and less of. (I’d love to hear some of yours.)

Sleep. I go to bed pretty early, but don’t actually sleep – because I can’t. I’ve battled with insomnia for the last few years, and it seems to be getting worse. I really want to kick it to the curb or, at the very least, get back to sleeping more than 4 hours a night. 

Bravery. Sheryl Sandberg asks, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” (My answer: a whole lot more.) It’s tricky, sometimes, to push beyond your comfort zone. So, whenever I get that niggly: no, no, no feeling I’m going to try shove it aside and say yes.

Blogging. When life/work gets busy, the first thing I side-line is blogging. Several years ago, when I started running this site, prioritising schoolwork was definitely a good thing – but that’s lead to the habit being somewhat ingrained…which isn’t great.

Intentionalism. At the beginning of the year, I made a rule for myself. It’s really helped me clarify my intentions and expectations.
Before I sign on to do new work, projects or activities (and especially when I buy things) I ask myself: why do I want it / why do I want to do it; how will it add value / how long am I willing to run with it? It’s only after I’ve answered these questions that I make a decision. (And it’s been great! I no longer do things because of a twisted sense of obligation or, because they simply seem like the right thing to do.)

Fried rice. (Always and forever, more fried rice please.)


Doubt. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Suzy Kassem

Busyness. Busy doesn’t always mean better.
“There is more to life than simply increasing its speed.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Keeping socks that have holes in. (Because seriously, it’s getting ridiculous.)



  1. The first 6 months (January was still holiday) of this year have been spent rebuilding my business from ground up – systems, automation, strategies, campaigns, product development, preparing to scale for my BIG 5 year goal….to become the biggest online stationery store in Africa!

    For the last 5 months of the year I am going to reap the benefits of the first 6 – SELL, SELL, SELL is what I plan to do.

    Not going to lie, I feel somewhat exhausted just telling you about that 🙂

    1. Wow, Alison – that’s sounds incredibly exciting!

      You’ve been on a roll this year, and it’s been wonderful to watch you leap from stride to stride. I can’t wait to hear how the next few months go. 🙂

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