#AmCurrently (ft. More Doughnuts; Less Social Media)

January always lasts a small eternity, doesn’t it?

It seems to just carry on and on and on. I think it was this ‘never ending’ feeling that sent me sliding into what I can best describe as the ‘slow lane’ – a kind of ‘stroll-mode’ approach to life. I found myself moseying through those initial weeks of the year, as though I had ample free time.
But as the month of February dawned, I went from strolling to speeding. 

And thank goodness for that.

If I stuck to the sluggish (albeit peaceful) pace I had in January, I would never get anything done.

February’s set me back in motion – which means less time contemplating which colour socks to wear and more time focusing.

Here’s what I’ve been up to…


#AmCurrently spending less time on social media

In 2016 I pretty much shut down my social media accounts.
At the time it was a) taking up way too much space – in my head, in my day, in my life – b) wasn’t adding much value to my llife and c) had become an almost automated activity.

Most of the time, I didn’t even realise I was online. I’d check my email or a text and somehow, unconsciously, find myself on Instagram or Twitter or whatever else, mindlessly scrolling.
And I hated it.
So, I stopped.

Now, instead of allowing myself to fall back into that unhealthy habit, I ensure I’m more conscious of how I use social media – and frequently take ‘breaks’ from it all.

I’m on one of those breaks at the moment and 10/10 highly recommend.

Two side by side images: one of a close up of a book and the second of a desk scattered with notebooks and a few papers.
#AmCurrently planning a trip to the UK

I’ve been wanting to do a trip like this for so long but kept putting it off for when my schedule was less chaotic, when I could step away from work (guilt free) for an extended period and when I knew I didn’t have any big projects coming up.
But here the thing: I realised that delaying all my plans for a ‘more opportune time’  will mean they probably won’t get done… So,  I’ve made up my mind: I’m doing it.
I’m going!
And I’m so excited!

#AmCurrently trying to play tug of war with Charles Xavier

I got a few goodies from Cat Nerd last month, which has (thankfully) re-directed my cats attention from violently attacking my feet in the middle of the night to, rather, playing with the ‘Pheonix Rising’ scratch post (what a cool name, right?).
But, what’s even greater than having my feet free, is watching Charles Xavier (not his real name) gallop across the yard like a somewhat gracious gazelle as my brothers try and play tug of war with him. The key word here is try. Because although their dedication is admirable, they have yet to actually catch Charlie – never mind play with him. 

side by side: someone assembling a cat scratching post with a grey cat watching. The second image is of a dog on green grass, looking down at a blue, white and red chew toy.

#AmCurrently reading a lot of minimalist blogs

I’ve known about minimalism for awhile now (because I don’t live under a rock). And, recently, found myself getting frustrated with all my stuff – which is interesting, because I don’t even have lots of stuff (I’m only nineteen and still live at home).

Nevertheless, I’ve taken to reading blog posts like this and this. I’m not sure where all this reading will lead… In truth, I don’t think I’m cut out for extreme minimalism. But, I have already cleared out a ton of stuff I don’t actually use. So, who knows?

#AmCurrently working. A LOT.

I started a new job in February (with the same company that I worked for when I wrote this).
It’s an ideal job, really, because it’s providing me with daily challenges, excitment, opportunities for personal growth – and: I only need to be there two days a week. Which is great because…

#AmCurrently studying

I started my degree this year! And in a few more years will have a piece of paper that declares I’m (at the very least) somewhat knowledgeable in Communication Sciences – which is, you know, nice?

In all honesty, I’m really enjoying my first semester courses and will be writing a post more about them soon.

#AmCurrently eating a ton of doughnuts and drinking coffee
(probably as a result of all the work and studying and getting back on the highway of life.)

How’s your year been so far? I’d love to know…

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